Illinois Soil Classifiers Association
Maintaining High Standards and Ethical Conduct in the Profession of Soil Classifying

The Illinois Soil Classifiers Association is an organization promoting the wise use of the soil resource.  ISCA is made up of professional soil classifiers in public service, private industry, and education. 


ISCA was established in 1975 and is affiliated with the Soil Science Society of America.


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Illinois - Understanding Soils

Illinois Soil Classifiers Association Brochure
Illinois State Soil; Drummer silty clay loam

Burton W. Ray Scholarship Award in Soil Science
NRCS Soils
Illinois Soils
Teacher/Student Material
Soil Texture - Triangle and "Feel" Flow Chart
From the Surface Down
Sciences of Soil On-Line
The Underground Adventure
Dig It! The Secrets of Soil
Dirt! The Movie
Home Science: Backyard Conservation
Symphony of the Soil
Dirtland - the Microbe Zoo
The Dirt on Soil - Discovery Education
Dr. Dirt's K-12 Teaching Resources
Soil Photo Gallery
The Twelve Soil Orders
Soil Health; Unlock the Secrets in the Soil


ISCA Field Trips and Seminars
1982 New Salem State Park Summer Meeting
1985 Princeton Area Soils and Geology
1986 Soils Tour of Marion County
1987 Soils of the Edwards River Valley, Mercer County
1990 Soil-Wetland Relationships, DuPage County
         Soil-Wetland Relationships Seminar Notes
1991 Soils of St. Clair County
1992 Intensive Soil Survey for Land Use Planning
1997 Hydric Soils, Glaciated Upper Midwest
2003 Loam-textured Diamictons, Kane County
2004 Spring Bay, Middle Illinois River Valley Soils
2005 Shelbyville Moraine Soils, Clark County
2006 Rock River Hill Country Soils, Ogle County
2007 Central States Forest Soils Workshop, Carbondale
2008 Soils of the Spring Bluff Forest Preserve, Lake County
2010 Soils of the Mississippi River Valley near Quincy
2012 DeKalb County Ice-Walled Lake Plains
2017 Soils of Pyramid State Recreation Area
2018 Soils of North-Central IL and Septic Seminar

Hydric Soils
Field Indicators ver 8.2 for Illinois Hydric Soils LRRs
Hydric Soils
Illinois On-Line Drainage Guide
Illinois Drainage Guide Circular 1226, 1984
National Water & Climate Center

Soils and Septics
IALEHA 2018 Panel Discussion
IDPH – Part 905 Private Sewage Disposal CodeExhibit B has errors.  Corrections have been submitted to IDPH, Use the “Key for Septic Loading Rates” below
Key for Septic Loading Rates Approved, effective 8/28/2013, corrected 1/6/2019 – Use this table immediately
Interim Standards for Artificial Drainage of Septic Field Areas in Illinois with Exhibits
ISCA Approved Soil Description Form to use for On-Site Septic Evaluations (Excel Spreadsheet)
ISCA Guide for Estimating Surface Discharges for NPDES Permits
US EPA NPDES Illinois Surface Discharge
Purdue Extension - Home & Environment
Understanding Your Soil Report for Septic Suitability

Illinois – Understanding Soils

Soil Survey and Classification
Block Diagrams of Soils and Landscapes
NCSS Lab Data from Point Samples

Glossary of Soil Science Terms
High Intensity Soil Survey Standards for Agriculture in Illinois
Key to Illinois Soils 
    Alphabetical cross reference
    Numerical cross reference

National Soil Survey Center
National Soil Survey Handbook
Official Series Descriptions
Soil Taxonomy

      Keys to Soil Taxonomy
Updated Soil Surveys in Illinois (pdf manuscript)
Web Soil Survey

Other Soil Resources
Soil Health (formerly the Soil Quality Institute)
Soil Productivity Index Ratings for Illinois
Earth Science Data & Services


University of Illinois, College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences
Illinois State University, Department of Agriculture
Northern Illinois University, Department of Geography
Western Illinois University, School of Agriculture
Southern Illinois University, College of Agricultural Sciences

Association for Women Soil Scientists
International Committee on Anthropogenic Soils
International Union of Soil Sciences
Soil Science Soiciety of America
US National Committee for Soil Science

Geospatial Data Gateway NRCS
Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
Illinois State Geological Survey
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Illinois Department of Agriculture
National Association of Conservation Districts
Society of Wetland Scientists
US Army Corps of Engineers Districts
US Department of Agriculture
US Environmental Protection Agency
US Fish and Wildlife Service