Illinois Soil Classifiers Association
Maintaining High Standards and Ethical Conduct in the Profession of Soil Classifying

The Illinois Soil Classifiers Association is an organization promoting the wise use of the soil resource.  ISCA is made up of professional soil classifiers in public service, private industry, and education. 


ISCA was established in 1975 and is affiliated with the Soil Science Society of America.

Constitution & By-Laws 

Details about how ISCA operates are found in the Constitution and the By-Laws of the Association. ISCA functions through an Executive Council who are elected by the membership of the Association at the Annual Meeting of the Association.  All Full Members and Retired Members may vote in the election.  Only Full Members may hold an office.

The ISCA Membership Handbook contains the Code of Ethics, the Constitution and By-Laws, and the Standards for Certification.  These documents can be changed only by a vote of the membership.

Executive Council

The Executive Council consists of the officers of the Association who are elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting.  Officers serve terms of 1 year or 3 years depending upon the office. The Past President is also a member of the Council, however this position is not considered as one of the officers.

The Executive Council members are:

Mary Beth Falsey
president @

Vice President: 
Alan Stone

Scott Wiesbrook
secretary @

Charles Frazee
treasurer @

Alicia Metzger

Past President: 
Mark Bramstedt

To contact individual members of the Executive Council by e-mail or e-mail matters of concern to the whole Executive Council by sending a message to:
Council @



There are five standing committees of the Association. They are listed below with the current chair of each committee. The chair of the Finance Committee and the chair of the Nominations Committee are dictated within the committee definitions in the Constitution. The other committee chairs are appointed by the in-coming president at the Annual Meeting.


The Committee Chairs are:

Constitution & By-Laws: 
Joshua Litwiller

Ethics, Certification, & Membership:  
Brad Cate
membership @

Nominations: Mark Bramstedt

Public Relations & Education: 
Sam Indorante
event @

Finance: Alan Stone

Newsletter: Jenwei Tsai
newsletter @
The president may appoint other ad hoc committees or the president may make special appointments. Currently, there are 3 special appointments.
Technical Advisory Committee:
Bruce Putman
Historian: William Kreznor

State Advisory Commission for Private Sewage Disposal: 
Don Fehrenbacher

Mark Bramstedt
webmaster @

Certification Board

The Certification Board upholds the Standards for Certification and processes applicants for certification. The Board consists of six ISCA Certified Professional Soil Classifiers who are also Full Members. The Board is appointed by the president and Board members serve staggered 3-year terms. The in-coming president appoints two new members to the Board at the Annual Meeting. The Board elects their own officers each term.

Click Certification for more information about the Certification Board and the certification process.