Illinois Soil Classifiers Association
Maintaining High Standards and Ethical Conduct in the Profession of Soil Classifying

The Illinois Soil Classifiers Association is an organization promoting the wise use of the soil resource.  ISCA is made up of professional soil classifiers in public service, private industry, and education. 


ISCA was established in 1975 and is affiliated with the Soil Science Society of America

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Quote for Thought
"Be it deep or shallow, red or black, sand or clay, the soil is the link between the rock core of the earth and the living things on its surface. It is the foothold for the plants we grow. Therein lies the main reason for our interest in soils." 
Roy W. Simonson, Director of Soil Classification and Correlation, Soil Conservation Service, "USDA Yearbook of Agriculture," 1957


2016 ISCA Annual Meeting - March 19, Illinois Natural History Building, Champaign, IL.  Guest speaker - Bruce Vasilis, Professor of Agronomy and Soil Management, Unversity of Delaware, discussing hydric soil indicators and patterns and types of soil saturation.  Deadline for registration is March 12.  Register on-line here today!


Register by mail-Option
Registration form is in the 2016 Winter Newsletter
Mail your name and number attending and a check payable to ISCA ($20/member; $30/nonmember) to:

Chuck Frazee, Treasurer
65 Gaffney Road
Divernon, IL 62530

ASK a Soil Classifier - If you have a question about soils, either a general question or a very specific question, and would like an answer from a Professional Soil Classifier, click on the following link and e-mail your question(s).  ASK a Soil Classifier

Soil Classifier Mentor Program - If you desire experience in soil classification and wish to work with or correspond with a Professional Soil Classifier, ISCA can help you get connected to a Professional Soil Classifier in your local area.  Click on the following link to express your interest.  Soil Classifier Mentor Program

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