Illinois Soil Classifiers Association
Maintaining High Standards and Ethical Conduct in the Profession of Soil Classifying

The Illinois Soil Classifiers Association is an organization promoting the wise use of the soil resource.  ISCA is made up of professional soil classifiers in public service, private industry, and education. 


ISCA was established in 1975 and is affiliated with the Soil Science Society of America

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Quote for Thought
"Be it deep or shallow, red or black, sand or clay, the soil is the link between the rock core of the earth and the living things on its surface. It is the foothold for the plants we grow. Therein lies the main reason for our interest in soils." 
Roy W. Simonson, Director of Soil Classification and Correlation, Soil Conservation Service, "USDA Yearbook of Agriculture," 1957


The ISCA Fall Meeting will take place on October 7, 2017 at Pyramid State Park south of Pinckneyville in Perry County. 
Sam Indorante and Kristine Ryan are coordinating this year’s meeting, which is themed Anthropogenic Soils.  Sam helped
sample and describe mined and reclaimed research sites over 30 years in age last fall with Dr. Kevin McSweeney, Bob Dunker,
and Stan Sipp of the University of Illinois, and Ron Collman of the NRCS.  The tour is anticipated to include stops to view soils
not mined, soils mined for coal but not reclaimed, and soils that have been mined and reclaimed.  Kristine has offered to give a
presentation during lunch that will discuss Soil Taxonomy as applied to anthropogenic soils.

The meeting will begin at 11 am at the park’s new meeting building, with a catered box lunch.  Field sites will be visited following
lunch, with the tour concluding at about 3 pm.  The main entrance for Pyramid State Park is located on a county road 1.5 miles
west of Illinois Routes 13-127 in Pyatts. 

The closest lodging available is located in Pinckneyville, with one option being America’s Best Value Inn & Suites (618-357-5600). 
Other lodging options are located in Sparta (Holiday Inn Express and Briarwood Inn) and Du Quoin (Fairgrounds Inn, Super 8). 




Central States Forest Soils Workshop - October 10-12, 2017, Sewanee University of the South.  Click here for registration and more details.

ISCA Gear - ISCA now has our own storefront with Lands' End Business Outfitters.  The ISCA store is at: Create your own account and order any apparel that you desire. It will be shipped directly to you. You may order any item in the current catalog and have Lands’ End add the ISCA logo ($5.95). You also have the option to choose the location of the logo and change the colors in the logo to coordinate with the item that you are purchasing. Occasionally, Lands’ End will have a special offer and not charge to add the embroidered logo, so watch for those specials. Catalog “promotional” items and “silkscreened” items usually have a minimum quantity, so be aware when you are placing your order.  If you have questions concerning the operation of the ISCA Lands’ End store, contact . If you have specific questions regarding merchandise and ordering, contact Lands’ End for assistance.

ISCA Texture Project - ISCA is coordinating efforts to gather known samples of soil textures from various parent materials around the state to use as reference texture samples.  Click here for whom to contact and for more information.

ASK a Soil Classifier - If you have a question about soils, either a general question or a very specific question, and would like an answer from a Professional Soil Classifier, e-mail your question(s) to:

Soil Classifier Mentor Program - If you desire experience in soil classification and wish to work with or correspond with a Professional Soil Classifier, ISCA can help you get connected to a Professional Soil Classifier in your local area.  Send an email to express your interest to President @

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